about Jason...

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Jason is a Character Animator with his B.F.A and M.A. in animation from SCAD. While working to complete his masters degree, he has been involved in Joe Maddon’s hometown community center, the Hazleton Integration Project, Inc. On top of creating several murals, one of which was shown on Dateline and an on HBO special, he has also taught fine arts classes for children. At the moment he is an art and music preschool teacher at the center. 

Currently he is pursuing a career in the Animation industry. His passions are in the arts of drawing, animations, cartoons, acting and films. He continues to expand his knowledge by studying his interest, human behavior. During his time as a undergrad and grad student, he has had experiences working in an animation pipeline like environment, along with getting 1st place for a collaboration project “The Munchies” in the Southeast Student Production Awards in 2017.

Jason seeks out opportunity to grow as an animator while being a creative contributor towards any team. He believes anything can be accomplished if the team is willing to give its all, when doing what they love to do.